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Rings SG 9501-10501


Ear Ring SG 7701-8200


Pendents SG 8501-9500


Bracelet SG 7001-7500


Necklace SG 8201-8500


Sets SG 10501-10800


Beads SG 6501-6700



Ear Ring SG 6701 - 7000


Pendants SG 5501-6000


Chains SG 7501-7700


Beads SG 6001-6500


Bangles 31001--31200



Rings SG-36001-37400


Ear Ring SG-33401-33700


Pendants SG-34001-36000


Bracelet SG-33001-33200


Necklace SG-33701-34000


Sets SG-38001-38400


Clasps SG-37801-38000


Utensils or fancy items 35501-36000


Studded silver beads 37401-37700


Studded silver bangles 37701-37800



Rings SG 31601-31700


Ear Ring SG 31701-31800


Pendants SG 31501-31600


Acessories SG-31401-31500


Chains SG 33201-33400


Bracelet SG 31801-32000


Necklace 32801-33000


Silver Beads 32001-32600


Silver charms 32701-32800


Silver Sets 32601-32700



Diamond 17001-18000


Emerald 18151-18251


Tourmaline 18351-18550


Tanzanite 18651-18750




Ruby 18551-18650



Amethyst (Brazilian) 19001-19150


Amethyst (African) 19151-19250


Lemon Quartz 23201-23400


Carnelian 20951-21050


Garnet 22101-22400


Citrine 21301-21600


Iolite 22601-22900


Zircon 27001-27150


Swiss Blue Topaz 26001-26100


Sky Blue Topaz 25501-25650


Aquamarine 20001-20300


Blue Chelcedony 20801-20900


Labadrorite 23101-23150


Quartz Druzzy 19601-19700


Lapis 23151-23200


Malachite 23651-23700


White Rainbow 25051-25100


Red Onyx


Green quartz 23951-24000


Black Onyx 23851-23900


Smoky Quartz 25651-25750


Rose Quartz 25251-25450


Tiger Eye 26101-26150


Mystic Quartz 23751-23800


Peridot 24601-24750


Whisky / Wine Quartz 26501-26550


Green Amethyst 22401-22500


Crystal ( white quartz) 21701-21750


Turmalinated quartz 26301-26350


Rhodocrosite 25101-25150


White Topaz 26851-26950


Rough Semi precious stones 44001-45000


Chrome Diopside 21101-21200


Sunstone 25951-26000



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PEARL JEWELRY 30001-31000


Pearl Jewelry


Pearl Rings 30001-30101


Pearl Earrings 30101-30200


Pearl pendants 30201-30300


Pearl Sets 30301-30400


Pearl Bracelets / Bangles 30401-30500


Pearl Beads 30501-30700


Pearl Cabs 30701-30750



Bangles 41501 - 41700


Bracelets 41001-41500


Necklaces (FJ) 41701 - 42000


Earrings (FJ) 42001-42400



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Gem Stone Carnelian

Gem Stone Carnelian is a form of Quartz. Gem Stone Carnelian most often develops from the silica-rich soils which solidified at low temperatures. Gem Stone Carnelian’s translucent color ranges from yellow-orange to reddish-brown to a deep red, and is enhanced by exposure to the sun.
Indian Gem Stone Carnelian is most often a very strong reddish-brown color. Gem Stone Carnelian is one of the birthstones for the signs of Leo and Virgo.

Bright and warm colors of Gem Stone Carnelian gemstones make it one of the favorites of jewelry maker all over the world. You can check out the variety of Gem Stone Carnelian necklaces, Gem Stone Carnelian earrings, Gem Stone Carnelian rings, Gem Stone Carnelian pendants, Gem Stone Carnelian bracelets and many other jewelry ornaments of Gem Stone Carnelian in combination with other gems. The Gem Stone Carnelian gemstone is associated with emotional warmth, creativity, reproduction, rebirth, reincarnation and past life recall. Ancient Egyptian tombs are full of examples of Gem Stone Carnelian jewels, because of their belief in the stone’s power in the afterlife. The blood-red varieties were greatly valued by the ancients, who produced beautiful engravings in Gem Stone Carnelian and also used them for seals

We supply an extensive range and the best quality and verities of Gem Stone Carnelian gem. There is several shapes (Square cut, Cushion rose cut, Trillion Cut etc.) sizes(5mm,10x14mm etc.) and weights( 0.57 ct., 4.36 ct.,0.40 ct). We can also make shape/size according to customer need. We have inherent talent that is completely showcased in every piece manufactured and exported by us. We have specialization Jewelry (made with gems).
If you are looking to purchase a gemstone item you can go directly to our store. To tour our product line before you shops please go to the product page. If you want to find out more about how we do business or simply want to know a bit more about us please go to the about page.


Gem Stone Carnelian


Gem Stone Carnelian


Gem Stone Carnelian






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Fancy Surahi.

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Metal Bangle

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Sterling Silver Pendant

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Elephant studded s. p stones in sterling silver.

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Silver Ring

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Silver Rings

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